Goodman Athletic Complex

EHS_GoodmanField from Drive

Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Athletic Complex
at Edgewood High School

A sense of pride and enjoyment for all neighbors

At Edgewood, we take great pride in our deep-rooted Sinsinawa Dominican values of Truth, Compassion, Justice, Community and Partnership. They are central to all we do. We are part of the surrounding neighborhoods and we want our neighbors to appreciate our presence in the community as we do theirs. We want to interact as respectful partners who listen and reflect on what is being said to one another.

For decades, we have wanted to be able to play home competitions on our campus on a true home field. Until now, lighting technology did not allow us to even consider the possibility. We have been consistent in our message that when and if a lighting technology solution became available that would not be a nuisance to our neighbors, we would then, and only then, approach our neighbors. We understand there will be concerns and it will take time to identify all of the concerns and to work together to provide solutions. We have already heard from our neighbors and have attempted to show good intent in our efforts to start and continue a conversation.

We need to be able to play our games at home for liability reasons, for safety reasons, for scheduling reasons, for operational reasons, and for financial reasons. Having a home field also creates tremendous school pride for current students and alumni. The actual construction would be on the high school side of the field only, from the 20 yard line to the 20 yard line. The structure is very low profile, about 20 rows and nice looking from the streets. It will have seating for 1300, a press box and under-seating storage, changing rooms, restrooms, and concessions. This project could be completed in 3 months or less.

We’ll continue preparing and talking with neighbors, our Edgewood family, and local officials to foster a supportive partnership. We love this neighborhood as much as the people who live in the homes surrounding our campus. We are committed to doing everything we can to maintain the quaint personality that makes this neighborhood such a desirable place to live and raise a family. We believe home games on campus will only add to our community-like atmosphere and bring us closer together.

Together, we will provide our student athletes a place to call home.

of the track and field enhancements and the ways in which impact beyond the campus will be minimized.

addressing the expressed concerns regarding improvements to the Goodman Athletic Complex that would allow its use as a competitive venue for home athletics events.

is one of historic cooperation and continuing service and outreach