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I support the field improvements!
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Monday, October 30, 2017 6:55:28 AM
Joined on 01 June, 2017
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I support the field improvements!

Let's get this done!!! It would be so wonderful for everyone in the area. —Jennifer K

Looks like a great addition to the school and long overdue. Will be great for the current crop of kids as well as
generations to come.
—Christopher E

Edgewood is an asset too the entire Dudgeon-Monroe area. The high school should be able to host its events as do other high schools in Madison. I live near Edgewood and feel the inconvenience I will experience will be more than offset by the advantages. —Louis L

I support the idea of being able to play home games at the high school campus. It is a source of school community
and pride. As a former student, I would have enjoyed being able to play and watch home games at our actual school.
—Jenny A

As a resident of the neighborhood and a parent of two former students at Edgewood, I am thrilled to finally see the sports complex becoming a reality. Both my children were student athletes, which enhanced their education and prepared them in their pursuit of higher education. What a thrill it will be for present and future students to host home games at "home." Kudos to Edgewood in making this dream a reality! 
—Elisabeth H

Having your Girls Basketball Team in the State Tournament is not going to hurt your cause. It would be cool for you
to put Winnebago Lutheran and Saint Mary's Springs of Fond du Lac on your football team’s Non-Conference Schedule. One team over two years hosting mutual Home and Home and then the other one. God bless you!
—Randall R

This would be a great addition to the neighborhood and to Edgewood! —Beth S

As an Edgewood HS student, a member of the football and tennis teams, and a member of the theater program, I support completely the efforts of EHS. <