Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan studies how growth can be accommodated and managed to strengthen the character of the Edgewood High School campus while remaining sensitive to the impact that growth can have on the surrounding neighborhoods. 

The Campus Master Plan establishes a direction for the future and maintains the flexibility needed to respond to changing needs, conditions and resources. The plan is not intended to be a detailed blueprint for construction. Footprints for buildings, internal roadways, parking lots and landscape elements shown on the Campus Plan are place holders for future development and refinement of each element. 

Front View 
Front of School

The Campus Master Plan, complete with building renderings, is an instrument of communication so all stakeholders are aware of potential future developments on campus. The new front view of the school is shown above, illustrating the importance of maintaining historical significance while accommodating growth. 

There are three main reasons for updating the academic environment for Edgewood High School students: 

1. Ensuring ADA Accessibility. It is imperative that students and employees with disabilities have access to the school. Our goal is to provide accommodations, such as an elevator and ramps, where necessary.

2. Providing a safe environment for all students. The safety of our students is our number one priority, and the new Master Plan addresses the need for a centrally located entrance with proper security.

3. Creating a campus that adapts for future growth. Beyond basic repairs and maintenance, the school needs to renovate when necessary, in anticipation of future growth.

Aerial View

Aerial View
 As Shown: 
1: Fine Arts
2: Commons
3: Elevator 

This aerial view outlines the current building structure (outlined in red) and the new footprint (in white). Although there is some expansion, the redesign will not impact the view from the street, or impact the surrounding green space.

Proposed Design

Below is the proposed design, as compared with the Master Plan. If you would like to learn more about this project, please contact the President's Office at 608-257-1023, ext 145.

Proposed Design Compared with Master Plan

Fine Arts addition, building 12         
As defined in Master Plan Per proposed plan   Commons project, building 11a As defined in Master Plan
Per proposed plan    Elevator addition, building 11b As defined in Master Plan
Per proposed plan
Building Uses Fine Arts
Theatre Storage
Fine Arts, including 450 seat theatre
Theatre support spaces
Space for band/choir/piano lab
Instructional classrooms
Building Uses Cafeteria
Gathering and social spaces
Meeting spaces
Gathering and social spaces
Building entry
Classrooms on future floor level
Building Uses New elevator to connect all floors New elevator to connect all floors
Exit stair for lower level elevator access
Approximate Area 35,000 sqft 17,500 square feet addition Approximate Area 15,250
3,000 square feet addition
11,900 square feet future second floor
Approximate Area  800 sqft 1,100 square feet
Number of Levels Four Two Number of Levels  Two One level with future second floor Number of Levels Connects to existing levels Connects to existing levels
Floor Plate 13,6000 sqft Existing theatre floor plate, 
plus 17,500 square foot addition
 Floor Plate 4,600 to 9,300 sqft Existing commons floor plate, 
plus 3,000 square feet addition
Future 11,900 square feet second floor
 Floor Plate 400 sqft 550 square feet first floor
180 square feet at upper levels
Height Similar to existing building 
(45' above first floor)
35' above first floor  Height Similar to existing building 
(46' above ground floor)
31 feet above ground floor
46 feet above ground floor when future
second floor is built 
 Height Extends above highest floor to 
accommodate elevator overrun
Extends above highest floor to 
accommodate elevator overrun