Campus-Wide Master Plan

Front of BuildingThe campus-wide master plan studies how growth can be accommodated and managed to strengthen the character of the campus while remaining sensitive to the impact that growth can have on the surrounding neighborhoods. The campus-wide master plan establishes a direction for the future and maintains the flexibility needed to respond to changing needs, conditions and resources.

To address any questions or concerns, EHS formed an Architectural Design Review Committee, which approved the new construction. A presentation was then given to the surrounding neighbors during an information meeting on January 22, 2018. 

The plan is not intended to be a detailed blueprint for construction. Footprints for buildings, internal roadways, parking lots and landscape elements shown on the Campus Plan are place holders for future development and refinement of each element.  

There are three main reasons for updating the academic environment for Edgewood High School students: 

1. Ensuring ADA Accessibility. It is imperative that students and employees with disabilities have access to the school. Our goal is to provide accommodations, such as an elevator and ramps, where necessary.

2. Providing a safe environment for all students. The safety of our students is our number one priority, and the new Master Plan addresses the need for a centrally located entrance with proper security.

3. Creating a campus that adapts for future growth. Beyond basic repairs and maintenance, the school needs to renovate when necessary, in anticipation of future growth.