Bandana Project

Bandana Project
Bandanna Project

The Bandana Project is a program designed to spread awareness of resources for those with a mental illness, seeking help, and/or struggling with a mental health crisis. 

How does it work?

Students and teachers with lime green bandanas (attached to backpacks or hanging in classrooms) serve as mental health allies. These bandanas indicate that the individual is a safe person to approach to get connected with mental health support resources. Each student and teacher with a lime green bandanna has resource cards to give out when approached. The resource cards are filled with outlets (local and national) to get help and support in times of crisis. 

Not only does the Bandana Project offer the opportunity for students to get tangible resources, but also provides invaluable unspoken support. If someone sees a lime green bandanna on the backpack of another student or in a teacher’s classroom, it is a sign of stigma-free, quiet solidarity. They will know they are not alone in their struggle. 

For those interested in joining the Bandana Project movement this year, please respond to this email. Once I have a list of people, I will be in contact about a brief training to attend where you will receive your bandanas and resource cards.

Pictured are last year's students with their lime green bandanas, so everyone knows what to look out for. Those experiencing mental health struggles of any kind are encouraged to reach out for help. Come to Student Services and talk with a School Counselor or ask anyone with a green bandana for a resource card.