Spring Giving Appeal 2020

Spring Giving Appeal 2020
We need our Edgewood community now more than ever.
Now is not the time to give up; 
Now is the time to step up.

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Our prayers go to the entire Edgewood community as we all navigate this difficult and unpredictable time. We know that many families, businesses and organizations have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Edgewood is no exception. During this time of uncertainty, we are doing everything we can to adapt to our changing reality as we continue to provide high quality education for our students.

Due to the pandemic, we were unable to hold our annual Spring Fling fundraising event. Our hope is to hold the event on a date in the future when it's safe to gather.
  • Spring Fling is Edgewood's largest annual fundraising event.

  • This year, Spring Fling was expected to raise $300,000 toward our annual fundraising goal of more than $1,000,000 to support our Annual Fund.

When everyone receiving this appeal gives $100, our fundraising efforts for the year will be finished! We are deeply grateful to those able to give more than $100 to help cover those unable to donate at this time.

Every contribution to this appeal will help us continue to provide the highest quality education and high school experience for our students. Even during the current pandemic, EHS faculty, staff and student services professionals are working hard to provide a meaningful virtual learning experience.

"We have been very happy and quite frankly impressed with what EHS was able to pull together so quickly. The fact that the school was able to be up and running by the second day of the Safer at Home mandate is no small feat. Not only were we hitting the books, but the level of learning remains as high. I appreciate that the teachers are all open and online ready to help students. Student services are always available to help as well... I am so very thankful we made the decision to come to Edgewood. "

--EHS Parent

The Edgewood community has always stepped up to support every generation of Crusaders.
Let's carry on that tradition!

Edgewood needs your support now more than ever!

In times like this, we are aware of the importance of every member of the Edgewood community and we give thanks for our amazing supporters!

May God bless the entire Edgewood community, families and friends, and keep us all safe and well!

We Are Edgewood... a Community for Life!