Edgewood Parent Community

The Edgewood Parent Community (EPC) provides volunteer support to students, staff, and other parents. It exists to encourage and foster a spirit of cooperation with staff, and to promote understanding and goodwill on behalf of EHS. Through your child’s enrollment at Edgewood, you are automatically a member of the EPC!

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the EPC. There are volunteer opportunities that fit your schedule, whether you can help for an hour or are involved with an on-going committee. For more information on how to get involved, please contact EPC Presidents Lynn Ascione and Elizabeth Kluesner. In addition, the EPC has collected some important parent pointers and key contacts for all families.

Edgewood Parent Community Board Co-Presidents: Lynn Ascione, Elizabeth Kluesner

Vice President: Kristine Jaeger

Harry Haney

Julie Dunn

Members at Large:
Claire Falk, Colleen Penwell, Jennifer Fox, Jenny Sheehan, Kyle Friedow, Beth Rawlinson, Lisa Frucht, Dinean Thelan, Liz Heinrichs, Kathleen Helland, Margaret Maher, Tracy Maloney, Kathleen McNeill, and Rachelle Melms