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Even though 86 percent of teens say they’ve received general advice around online use from their parents, researchers at Common Sense Media found that 30 percent of teens who are online believe their parents know “a little” or “nothing” about what social media apps and sites they use. And yet, teens still say that their parents have the biggest influence on determining what is appropriate and inappropriate online. Adults need to shift the conversation around teens’ social media use away from a fear of getting caught and more toward healthy socialization, effective self-regulation and overall safety.

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Useful Facts

Fact: Social media use is linked to increased feelings of social isolation and "social media depression" is on the rise. Instagram is the worst social media for mental health

Fact: Parents spend nine hours a day with screened media, according to Common Sense Media

Fact: 30 percent of teens who are online believe their parents know “little” or “nothing” about
their secret social media lives.

Fact: According to the Washington Post, there are still a lot of things parents don't know about their children's social media use.

Fact: The National Sleep Foundation says "Blue Light” from computers and screens negatively affects sleep.

Fact: One out of four car accidents occur due to texting and driving. While 97 percent of teens say they know texting while driving is dangerous, nearly half say they still do it. Luckily, there's an app for that