2020-21 yearbook

Buy a 2020-21 Edgewood High School Crusader Yearbook
$65 Now. Prices go up Nov. 20th!
Senior Portraits
Must be uploaded online. Due November 20th

Senior Ads
  • Congratulate your senior with a yearbook ad!
  • 4 Size options and prices available
Community Photo Upload & Yearbook Snap App
  • Taking photos this year? At the game, the dance, the musical? Share them by using Community Upload! When you submit your amazing photos to the yearbook staff via Community Upload, your pictures have a chance to be featured in the yearbook!
    Last Chance! Buy a 2019-20 Yearbook
  • $75 cash or check (made payable to EHS)
  • Purchase at front office or email for contactless delivery

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