Esports State

EHS Esports Team competes at state
EHS Esports TeamThe EHS Esports Smash Bros. team just barely missed taking 1st in Division 3, having lost by a single match, but otherwise went undefeated for the season! The team qualified for a spot in the state championships, but had to go up against the D1 undefeated champs and got knocked out. It was an amazing experience for everyone, and the kids did great! We are all very proud of our 8th place finish in state as a D3 school!

Congratulations to Navnit Venkatesh on an amazing season! Not only was he an amazing captain for the team, he went undefeated during the regular season. He ended his senior year with a 7-0 record in singles, and an 8-0 record in doubles. Add in his #1 rank and undefeated season from last year, and he's definitely one of the top high school players in the state. We will miss having him on our next year for sure!
Senior Juan Gutierrez (JP) also had a great season, ending with a 4-1 record in singles, and 7-1 record for doubles.

Our Overwatch team had a decent season amid very tough competition; our varsity squad ended with a 4-3 record.

Pictured: Liam Panaro, 10th grade, 5-1 in doubles; Marshall Kolb, 10th grade, 1-3 in singles, 4-1 in doubles; Navnit Venkatesh, 12th grade, 7-0 singles, 8-0 in doubles; Juan Gutierrez, 12th grade, 4-1 singles, 7-1 in doubles; Sean Beyer, 11th grade, 4-1 singles, 2-1 in doubles; Sadie Hoefer, 10th grade, 4-2 in singles; Coach Ben Mund.