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Crusader Comeback Plan

Fall 2020 Opening Plan
Click here for the updated Crusader Comeback Plan.

We are proud and thankful for the way we have come together as a community to keep our students, faculty and staff safe during the pandemic. It has been very challenging and we have not always agreed, but we have found a way to work together and stay committed to our goal of providing a rigorous academic experience for our students.

We continue to learn new and different things daily about the virus and we have assembled a great team of experts to help us evaluate, manage and decide how best to remain safe as a community while living with the virus. Please take the time to review our updated plan. Our plan lays out how we will monitor, mitigate and manage the virus in our community. Our desire is to bring all students whose families feel safe to do so back into school for their learning. Controlling our bubble is the key to getting back into school and more importantly, staying in school. We control our destiny.