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Principal opening

EHS Principal Opening
The Principal of Edgewood High School will embody a balance of respect for the 100+ year traditions and history of the school in the Madison community with a passion and energy to move Edgewood forward, continuing to enhance the academic model to attract and retain a diverse community of families, and serve the changing needs of the student population. In partnership with the President, the Principal will be a positive representative of the school and its faculty, staff, and students, embodying the Sinsinawa Dominican values, and be an active participant in the Edgewood community both in and out of the school day. This person will have proven experience in both teaching and educational administration, understanding best practices in curriculum development, faculty and staff development, and current trends in secondary and higher education. Edgewood’s Principal will possess the interpersonal and listening skills to encourage a positive environment incorporating open communication, humor, collaboration, and support, among faculty, staff, students, and parents. The Principal will report to the President, and manage approximately 60 faculty and staff. She or he will have a Catholic background, with an understanding of the Catholic and Dominican traditions at the core of Edgewood High School’s culture and the ability to mentor the Sinsinawa Dominican values by example.

See Job Description for full details.