Academic Support

We take the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” to heart. We know that our students, families, and faculty members cannot do it all alone. That’s why we offer numerous student services to ensure the success of every child. From tutoring to career exploration to counseling, if there’s something a student needs, we fulfill that need.

Learning Resource Center

The Edgewood High School Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides academic support across the curriculum with the goal of ensuring that students reach their greatest scholastic potential. Approximately 20 percent of the student population study with an LRC team of teachers who provide individualized attention and support. Students who take advantage of the LRC may have diagnosed learning differences, challenges like test anxiety or organizational struggles, problems in particular courses or trouble keeping up with course content because of study skills challenges or extended periods of classroom absence due to health issues or other commitments.

Using background information supplied by parents and school counselors, LRC teachers identify individual areas that need attention and develop strategies to address those areas. In addition to reteaching and reinforcing core material, LRC teachers assist students in organization of academic materials and time management. The program also provides other resources such as audio books, website listings, computers and textbooks. The LRC offers alternative testing accommodations for enrolled students, including use of the Kurzweil Print to Voice Educational System, computers for testing, and extended time testing.

The further goal in the LRC is to promote student self-confidence and independent learning. LRC teachers encourage students to take ownership of their academic lives by teaching the skills needed to be better students, as well as encouraging the development of social skills with peers, teachers, and administrators. Because of the smaller teacher-student ratio, teachers in the LRC are able to develop personal connections beyond those typically found in the traditional classroom. The teachers problem-solve with the students as issues arise, providing feedback and communicating with faculty, counselors, and parents via phone, e-mail or PowerSchool.

There is a charge for LRC services, based on the number of periods per week the student uses it, from a minimum of one mod per week to a maximum of six mods per week. Financial assistance is available.

Learning Resources Center Faculty:
Andrea Berndt
Mary Day
Brenda Foti Erica Kaphengst
Cary Lahr
Cherie Schaaf

Visit the Learning Resource Center PowerSchool page
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Academic Success Program

The Academic Success Program (ASP) is a guided, enhanced study hall for students who do not need as much tutoring as is provided in the Learning Resource Center, but who need extra encouragement, guidance, and academic support.

Students receive personalized support with organizational, study, motivational, and test-taking skills. An adult supervisor is present at all times to oversee study and build relationships between students, counselors, teachers, and parents. ASP also provides a UW-Madison guidance intern to teach study skills and content, as well as LINK Crew (selected upperclassmen), National Honor Society members, or Edgewood College students, when available. ASP respects and allows for learning differences. We also have computers available for student use.

ASP meets in the Collegiate Counseling Center school days during mods 7 through 9. About one in 20 students use ASP, and they may join or withdraw throughout the school year. Scheduled freshmen go to ASP in place of afternoon study halls. Upperclassmen go to ASP during their
open mods.

Edgewood Honor Society Tutoring

Edgewood Honor Society members are available to tutor fellow students during school in almost all subjects. Students in need of some extra academic help can meet with tutors one-on-one during free mods, study alongside tutors in ASP. To request tutoring, students should contact their counselor or directly connect with a tutor through the EHS Peer Tutor Database.

Non-College Career Options

While we are a college-prep high school and encourage our graduates to go on to college, we know that it is not for everyone. We work with students to identify alternative options, including all branches of the armed forces, interim programs, and work programs.